Instant Teeth Whitening

Give Dental offers in-office and take-home whitening to brighten your smile.

Opalescence Whitening System

The Opalescence system is a whitening gel placed on teeth in the office. It is an easy procedure which takes about an hour, giving you instant results. Take-home whitening kits are also available with lower concentration of Opalescence gel. This is mainly used to maintain your in-office whitening as results take longer.

Give Dental - Opalescence Teeth Whitening - Before & After

Before and After Whitening

Post-Whitening Home Care

Following your appointment, use Sensodyne toothpaste to prevent sensitivity. Avoid strongly colored foods and liquids that stain teeth. These include, wine, tea and coffee, fruit juice, chocolate and other colored foods. Use the take-home whitening kit to prevent teeth from staining.

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