Dental crowns & bridges restore your natural tooth structure and bring back your smile.

What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a tooth shaped restoration that covers the entire tooth. At Give Dental, we use white crowns made of ceramic/porcelain material which are metal free. Ceramic crowns are the most natural looking and white tooth colored restorations.

Give Dental - Ceramic Crowns image
What Does a Crown or Bridge Do?

Crowns and bridges can cover existing bad teeth, a new dental implant, or replace missing teeth.

Give Dental -Severely Decayed Tooth image

Broken, Decayed, and Stained Tooth

Give Dental - Decay Removed, Crown Placed

Decay Removed, Crown Placed

Give Dental - Dental Implant

Dental Crown Over an Implant

Give Dental - Dental Bridge

3-Unit Dental Bridge

Crown and Bridge Procedure

Crowns are usually done in two visits. First, the tooth is built up, prepared and scanned. Case is sent to the laboratory to fabricate the crown. During this time patients will receive a temporary crown. Once the crown is received from the laboratory, the temporary is removed and the crown is cemented. Following the appointment, patients can return to their daily activities. Don’t forget to brush and floss to keep your crowns clean.

Give Dental Patient - Stained and Chipped Front Teeth Image

Stained and Chipped Front Teeth

Give Dental Patient -Front Teeth After Crowns

Front Teeth After Crowns

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