Fill in cavities and chipped teeth to restore health, function, and your natural smile.

What is a Filling?

A dental restoration or filling is a material used to repair:

  • Cavities
  • Broken or chipped teeth

A cavity is decayed tooth structure. Bacteria on teeth surfaces weaken tooth structure eventually creating a hole. Decay is completely removed and the tooth is prepared for the filling to be inserted. This procedure is done under minimal anesthesia.

Give Dental - Decaying Tooth Image

Decaying Tooth

Give Dental Tooth - Decay Removed

Decay Removed
Tooth Prepared for Filling

White Fillings

At Give Dental we use white fillings also called composite resin which are tooth colored material, and are metal free. Composite blends in with tooth enamel so your tooth will look natural and white. Following the appointment patients can eat and drink as soon as the anesthesia wears off which takes about an hour.

Give Dental - Tooth Filled Image

White Filling Placed

When Should I Get a Filling?

At Give Dental we use high resolution imaging and pictures every six months to detect and treat cavities as soon as possible. In some cases if the tooth is severely decayed or broken, a dental filling may not be sufficient to properly restore the tooth. In such cases, additional treatment is needed depending on the case. Therefore, it is highly recommended to treat decayed or broken teeth quickly while the tooth is still restorable.

Dental fillings are an excellent choice of treatment to restore broken and decayed teeth. The procedure is completed on the same day, is pain free, and restores one’s natural white tooth color.

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